Length: 7.7" Height: 6.7" Width: 5" (Inch)

2 Year(s) Free Replacement



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Polarity Negative on Left & Positive on Right
CCA 320
Replacement year 2 YEAR
CA 415
Reserve Capacity 35


Exide AGM MIATA Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery

The Exide AGM MIATA battery is the latest in absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) and the only to utilize SureLife Graphite Technology which enables maximum delivery of power at a consistent rate for a longer period of time than most conventional AGM batteries.

Government regulation and rising fuel costs have generated the demand for Exide to develop the Edge product line with battery wear-out times are the rise and the increasing popularity of hybrid and start-stop enabled vehicles have also contributed to this breakthrough in AGM technology.


  • Manufacturer: Exide
  • Brand: Exide
  • Model: AGM MIATA
  • Product Dimensions : 7.7 x 5 x 6.7 TOP OF POST
  • Terminal: SAE TOP POST
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • CCA: 320
  • CA : 415
  • Nominal Capacity : 35
  • Reverse Capacity Minutes: 35
  • Polarity: Negative on Left & Positive on Right
  • Free Replacement Year: 2 years


  • Non-spillable AGM construction
  • Greater capacity to better handle the heavy loads placed on today’s batteries
  • Outperforms conventional batteries across life test including heavy use stop and go traffic with high electrical demands
  • Excels in one of the toughest automotive stress tests proving sustained performance


  • The battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
  • The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not Separate
  • Do not put it into water and fire.
  • Keep away from children.

Sask battery offers the most powerful EXIDE AGM AUTO BATTERIES in the industry. Our products are safe, reliable, and contain a minimum number of connections saving valuable time. JCI-AGMLN5/48 has no leaks, no spills, no water to check. 100% of the battery can be recycled to protect the environment.

Our customer service staff will help you find the best kind of batteries for devices/vehicles.

All goods are carefully packaged before shipping. Your product will be delivered to your doorstep as fast as possible.

NOTE:- We offer PKCELL brand on Non-availability of EXIDE which is similar to Exide.


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